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DOTA2 Fail – When a massive team fight breaks out you can trust that sniper is nowhere to be seen except to avoid the fight and steal kills. In this clip sniper gets just what he deserves If you have a clip you’d like to submit just email me at To see more funny… Read More »

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Win a Steelseries Rival 100 and 300 gaming mouse

rival 300 final

Meet the Rival 100 and 300 from Steelseries You could win either a Steelseries Rival 100 or Rival 300 gaming mouse courtesy of Steelseries and THEGARETHWOODS The Rival 300 optical gaming mouse brings together unmatched performance and high levels of customization for the best professional-grade, right-handed gaming mouse. It features 6 programmable buttons and RGB… Read More »

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Win a set of Steelseries Siberia 200’s

siberia final

You could win a Steelseries Siberia 200 gaming headset simply by being a subscriber to my Youtube channel There are also more entries for following on twitter, sharing with your friends and following me on Twitch. It really is that easy Win Steelseries Siberia 200's

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It’s Business Time!

It's Business Time

It’s Monday so it must be Business Time. Ever wondered how to avoid 8 hours of work every day, 5 days a week for 40 years? Well now you can find out with Business Time. In this series I discuss how exactly you can not only avoid work, but let others think you’re a productive… Read More »

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Should you play… Until Dawn?

Sexy teens? Remote lodge? Psycho Clown? EPIC VACATION

Should you play Until Dawn or give it a miss? Well if you’re into slasher flicks or teen horrors and wish that for once you could be the one making the decisions rather than the usual going upstairs to take a shower… then this is the game for you! Until dawn puts you in control… Read More »

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4 Guys 1 Couch

Its a really simple recipe Take four parts guy add to one part couch Add 1 x Cubic CRAPton of snacks Add 1 preview copy of Borderlands: Handsome Collection heat for 9 hours and what do you get? Hilarity, DUH!

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Stop The Knot – before it’s too late

stop the knot

Stop the Knot! In my 30 odd years on the planet (very odd years) I have been witness and victim to some really questionable haircuts. I immediately remember and regret some abominations such as the 90’s middle path The Faux mohawk mullet of the early 2000’s And of course who could forget the Emo Sweep… Read More »

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Google Glass – the worst invention ever made?

Google glass

Google glass is one of Google’s latest creations and besides letting you look like a douchey cyborg from the unfashionable future it might also make your life a living hell. For those who have never heard of Google glass its basically a set of glasses that let you search the web for information, but also… Read More »

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